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Welcome to The CORE District.

The CORE District is a great place to do business! Provided below are six steps to help set up your business for success. A number of Merchant Resources have also been included below to assist you with registering your business with the state, getting connected to the greater Richardson community, and small business resources. 

Step 1: Sign your business up with The CORE District! This will help us add your business to our website and keep you updated with CORE District events as a merchant. Use the following forms to help you get started: 
Complete the New Business Form for:
  • New business not listed on the website; or
  • Businesses wanting to change their content/photo on the website.
Complete the CORE District Merchant Form for:
  • Businesses already listed on the site. 
  • Having your contact will allow us to update you with CORE District events and contact you for any special stories or features. If you have already completed the New Business Form above, you do not need to complete the Merchant Form. 
Step 2: We want to help you promote all of your events to everyone who comes to our website. The easiest way for us to stay up to date with your events is for you to add an event through our web form below (add event button). You can also add events on the main event calendar page. Be sure to submit your grand opening event to the CORE District calendar.
Step 3: Claim your business on Google at
Step 4: Like/Follow The CORE District on Facebook and Instagram @richardsoncoredistrict. Use hashtags #richardsoncoredistrict in your social posts. 
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COR Big Heart, Small Town.png
Step 5: Obtain permits including a Certificate of Occupancy and Sign Permit from City of Richardson.  
  • The CORE District is within a special planned development zoning code (view code).
  • Apply for a Certificate of Occupancy (link)
  • Making interior or exterior modifications? You may qualify for Richardson's Express Permitting Program (link)
  • Apply for a Sign Permit (link)
    • CORE District Sign Regulations​ (link)
    • Sandwich Board Signs​​
    • Murals (we love murals!)
      • Sign permit required. A Mural is a picture or graphic representation applied to an exterior wall which: (1) does not contain logos or names of any business entity; and (2) does not illustrate any activities, merchandise or services of the business occupying the building of which the mural is applied. Murals can be created in a variety of media, including paint, mosaic, tile, glass or resin, stone or metal relief. A mural shall not include sculpture or moving parts, nor internal illumination or light as a media, or any of the effects listed in Section 18.5(4) of Chapter 18. Sign Regulations of the City of Richardson Code of Ordinances, as amended or its successors.
Step 6: Get Involved!
  • Participate in city and district events. 
  • Join the Richardson Chamber of Commerce
  • Sign-up with Discover Richardson
  • Maintain active social media accounts, using the hashtags above and including positive messaging about The Core. 
  • Like/Love/Share posts from The CORE District social media accounts. The bigger the audience and exposure, the better for business. 
  • Make sure your landing page on is up to date. 
  • Collaborate with other CORE District merchants, reach out and meet your neighbors (including residents and workers).
Merchant Resources
  • Richardson Chamber of Commerce COVID-19 Recovery Resources (link)
  • Richardson SCORE Counsels Business Managers (link)
  • Richardson Small Business Resource Guide (link)
  • Richardson Community Data (link)
  • Register a Business in Dallas County (assumed name) (link)
  • Research Dallas County Tax Rates & Land (link)
  • Dallas County Office of Small Business Enterprise (link)
  • Dallas Metro SBDC (link)
  • Incorporating a Business - Texas Secretary of State (link)
  • State Permits and Licenses​ (link)
  • Obtain Employer Identification Number - IRS (link)
  • Find your NAICS Code (needed for sales tax permit) (link)
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