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Welcome to Downtown!

Chartered in 1873, Richardson, Texas was generally centered between present-day Greer and Phillips streets on the north and south, and between Central Expressway and Greenville Avenue on the west and east. By 1881 Richardson was a thriving community with several stores, including general stores, groceries, and drugstores, four doctors, several cotton gins, and churches. Today, the area is experiencing a renaissance as an urban center stimulated by both private and public sector reinvestment, creating a fascinating mix of future and past. 


Several public infrastructure and beatification projects are now underway on Main Street to create a more walkable and pedestrian-oriented environment. In addition, a new 14.5-acre development called Gateway is planned for the northeast corner of Main and US 75 and will bring four and five-story mixed-use buildings along the Main Street frontage with two and three story townhome blocks along historic Interurban Street.

Eat & Drink


Afrah Mediterranean Cuisine

318 E Main St, Richardson, TX 75081

(972) 234-9898

Lebanese & Mediterranean eatery with a lunch buffet, homemade desserts & an outdoor patio.


Albaghdady Bakery and Cafe

327 N Greenville Ave, Richardson, TX 75081

(972) 238-9200

Al Baghdady offers a variety of Middle Eastern desserts, including pistachio baklava.


Boba Latte

115 S Greenville Ave, Richardson, TX 75081

(972) 480-8889

Simple spot for beverages including bubble tea, coffee drinks & a variety of smoothies & slushies.

Boba Latte.jpg


201 S Greenville Ave #203, Richardson, TX 75081

(972) 638-9898

Family-run eatery cooking chicken biryani & other dishes from Bangladesh, India & Pakistan.


Del's Charcoal Burgers 

110 S McKinney St, Richardson, TX 75081
(972) 235-9191

Local landmark known for homemade root beer & charcoal burgers also serving hot dogs & sandwiches.


First Chinese BBQ

111 S Greenville Ave, Richardson, TX 75081

(972) 680-8216

Chinese BBQ dishes star at this modest restaurant which also serves standard Cantonese recipes.

First Chinese.jpg

First Emperor Chinese

200 W Polk St A, Richardson, TX 75081

(972) 680-9077

Family-run, BYOB eatery preparing traditional Chinese & Taiwanese dishes in simple surrounds.

First Emperor.jpg

Fratello Halal Pizza & Grill

201 S Greenville Ave, Richardson, TX 75081

(972) 664-1119

Pizzas in a variety of combos are joined by pastas & subs at this Italian stop with Halal options.


IndoPak Cafe

323 E Polk St, Richardson, TX 75081

(972) 644-2200

Indian supermarket with small cafe. 


Isabelly's Sweet Treats

200 E Main St, Richardson, TX 75081
(972) 803-4360

Coffee, cake balls, gourmet chocolates & sweet treats shop hand made in the heart of Richardson.

download (1).jpg

Jasmine Cafe & Hookah Lounge

107 E Main St, Richardson, TX 75081
(972) 437-4522

Neighborhood dining on Middle Eastern & Mediterranean cooking in a casual space with outdoor seats.


King's Noodle

201 S Greenville Ave, Richardson, TX 75081

(972) 437-0881

Taiwanese restaurant.

Temporarily Closed

King's Noodle.jpg

Kirin Court

221 W Polk St #200, Richardson, TX 75081

(214) 575-8888

Bustling Chinese eatery, banquet hall & bar with garden entry known for all-day dim sum service.

Kirin Court.jpg

Krab Kingz 7

102 N McKinney St, Richardson, TX 75081
(682) 444-8381

Serving famous Florida garlic crab and shrimp plates.


Maria's Chinese Bakery

117 S Central Expy, Richardson, TX 75080
(972) 907-2808

Chinese bakery. 


Medina Moroccan And Mediterranean Fusion

114 E Main St, Richardson, TX 75081
(214) 774-9120

Mediterranean bistro and bar.


New Gopal Indian Restaurant

125 S Central Expy, Richardson, TX 75080 
(214) 716-0651

Casual option specializing in platters filled with vegetarian Indian & Nepalese dishes.

New Gopal.jpg

Portico Restaurant & Bar

107 E Polk St, Richardson, TX 75081
(972) 925-0747

Ethiopian restaurant and bar.


Spring Creek Barbeque

270 N Central Expy, Richardson, TX 75080

(972) 479-0633

Branch of a Texas smokehouse chain dishing up meat & sides in a simple, family-friendly setting.

Spring Creek.jpg

Sultan Cafe

201 S Greenville Ave #211, Richardson, TX 75081
(972) 430-9287

Mediterranean restaurant.


Sweet Stop

201 S Greenville Ave #107, Richardson, TX 75081
(469) 372-7557

Custom cakes, pastries and fresh bread. 


Tavern on Main

115 E Main St, Richardson, TX 75081

Warm pub with a historic feel & patio featuring burgers & homestyle mains, plus frequent live music.


Yummy Burgers & BBQ
118 E Main St #106, Richardson, TX 75081

(214) 556-9262

Hamburgers and BBQ.



Caraway Strings

209 A W Main St, Richardson TX 75081

(469) 329-1040

Cozy resource for instruments such as violins, violas & cellos offering rental & repair services.


Hooks Vaacums

118 E Main St, Richardson, TX 75081

(972) 690-5090

Vacuum cleaner store.


Lone Chimney Mercantile

205 E Main St, Richardson, TX 75081

(214) 734-8691

Landmark photo art & gift shop.


Middle Eastern Boutique

207 E Main St, Richardson, TX 75081

(972) 479-9009

Fashionable Islamic clothing specializing in quality Muslim hijabs, abayas, thobes & accessories from the Middle East.


Prana Haven

107 S McKinney St, Richardson, TX 75081

(972) 310-3480

Metaphysical supply store.


Recognition USA

113 E Polk St, Richardson, TX 75081

(972) 644-1490

Name-tags, awards, and other promotional items.


SmartLooks Window and Wall Decor

101 S Greenville Ave, Richardson, TX 75081

(972) 699-1151

Window treatment store.


Star Pipes & Hookah

116 E Main St, Richardson, TX 75081
(214) 575-6162

Hookah and smoke shop.


The Darling Co.

111 E Polk St, Richardson, TX 75081

(903) 517-2195

A bridal collaboration space where brides can come for a one-stop shop for 7 of the top wedding vendors in one showroom.




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