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Big Changes on the Horizon. 


Historic Main Street in the heart of Richardson's Core District is undergoing major changes. Several public infrastructure and beatification projects are now underway on Main Street to create a more walkable and pedestrian-oriented environment, including reconstructed streets, widened sidewalks, landscaping, street furnishings, civic and open space, and public art. As one of the catalysts for Main Street redevelopment, the City is constructing a $62 million, voter-approved Public Safety Campus for fire and police operations.


A new 14.5-acre development called Gateway is also planned for the northeast corner of Main and US 75 and will bring four and five-story mixed-use buildings along the Main Street frontage with two and three story townhome blocks along historic Interurban Street. Programming includes upper level residential units above restaurant and retail uses along Main Street and home office units with gated front terraces along Interurban. This development is the result of a public/private partnership. 

With the reconstruction of Main Street and public/private sector investment to bring new uses and development to the district, the City is committed to reinvestment in its traditional downtown. Learn More...

Core Projects
Main Street Construction Timeline
Main Street Section.png
Core District Parking Map
Main Street Detour Parking Map​
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